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To: Dr. Barden, my Ecology teacher from last semester

Dr Barden-

I'm reading my economic botany textbook, which says "Humans are [also] the only animals that will drink alcohol to excess under natural conditions..."

Last semester you mentioned birds becoming 'drunk' when they continue to eat fermenting fruit. [Or was that just dendrology?] Regardless, I know you're somewhat interested in birds, so I thought I would ask your take on this. Do birds induce inebriation purely because they are driven to eat? In birds is this actually inebriation? Would you say then eat this fermented fruit to excess on purpose? The book does not define natural conditions as it is really talking about alcoholic beverages derived from plants.

Also, here's to wishing you happy holidays!




I'm not aware that there is such a thing as "excess". :)

Many organisms are drawn to fermenting fruit, and some have been observed getting tipsy.

It doesn't seem to be entirely for the food value.

Cheers, Larry

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Study Study Study


I get a surprising amount of questions when I tell people I work in the copy&print center at staples.
"So what do you do, just, like, copy things?"
Er, yes. I push buttons! Woo! But it's surprising how many weird things people want me to do. I get to see a bunch of interesting documents, from deeply personal [typed letters to the court system over child custody despite abuse 0.o] to awesome stuff like I had last night [a detailed soil analysis of an area, including maps, graphs, and science-y words of which I only had time to sneak glimpses]. The job can be awesome or terrible depending on my customers. Some days I'm constantly running around and don't get breaks, and sometimes I bring books on a flashdrive and read stealthily. [a rare treat]

Sometimes I have no customers the whole day but the store is packed. Mostly, though, I have big jobs to be completed by morning, and have to simultaneously cater to people showing up at my counter. They get really pissed off if I tell them I can't do something, even if I show them how to use the self serve equipment [which is a whole penny cheaper anyway] I have customers that can't read and customers that own companies.

Yesterday I had a woman coming to get a few copies. She looked pretty upset, so I asked her what was wrong. Apparently she had to make the decision to pull the plug on her grandmother that morning, and she was just trying to escape her family ridden house. I talked her down a bit and gave her a free bowling card left to me by a previous customer and told her it might help to go hit something, but it a safe way. She cried and hugged me and thanked me before running out to go bowling. ^______________^ Stuff like this doesn't happen often, but I've definitely seen it more than once.

The only downside is my terrible 'copy expert', so called ONLY because she is allowed to train people. When I don't have anything to do, I go though the staples intraweb of company policies, which is how I know these things. Somehow she got to be a keyholder. God nose how, since she never deviates from her morning shift. She is sneaky- offering special services only to people that spend a lot of money there, and making everyone else look bad if word should get out. I can tell if I have too many consecutive days off, the staff starts to turn on me because she talks trash about me all the freakin' time. She openly insults people to their FACE but mumbles so you can't really hear what terrible things she's saying. She will actually go into the huge crate of recycled papers, dig things out, and leave a note about how we [me and whoever is being trained] fail at life for messing stuff up, yet she does just as much damage. And lastly, she will COPY our order envelopes if they have minor mistakes, and write in red the mistake. [Ironic, because if you ask her about something BEFOREHAND she tells you 'that was in the training' never giving a straight answer] Sometimes, when you have 5 customers at once, everything is not perfect, so this is extremely aggravating. Not to mention, it turns the managers against me.

She is the reason the copy center is so disgustingly dirty, and she is probably the reason for this story/rant. It smells like something has died at my workplace, and NOBODY can locate the corpse. Unfortunately, I don't even smell it anymore.
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Interesting fact of the day:

prompted by tromping through the wet forest and coming across an unusually large amount of land snails.

"the operculum [trap door] of some sea snails has a pleasant scent when burned, so it's sometimes used as an ingredient in incense"
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Relaxing after work with some wine, chips, and salsa that hannah left. She's back in Wisconsin for the week attending to a traffic violation court date.

After getting out of work I restocked on two very important items in my life; coffee creamer and expanding foam. I have plans to make neat-o Halloween decorations using the foam, but I'm waiting for someone to request a chair assembly at staples so I can snag more Styrofoam. This job certainly has benefits. Also, I did practically nothing today- just enough to stay engaged but not overworked. Perfect. During slow hours I re-made signs that are stuck to our work desks with pretty borders so every time Jim [manager] needs to look something up, he will roll his eyes at my folly. No escaping it either, since I used the uber-sticky laminate.

Tomorrow will be interesting since I'm working at the apartment complex, have classes, and go in to staples at night.